Halftime/Fulltime Fixed Matches – Explanation

s the name suggests, a Half Time/Full Time bet first of all requires there to be a half time during a sporting event. In this particular bet, you try to correctly predict both the score at half-time and the score after the final whistle is blown.

So this means that even if you predict the half time score correctly, if the wrong team wins in the end, you don’t/ get anything back from your bet.

A Half Time/Full Time bet is usually not aimed at predicting an exact score. There is no need to forecast whether Team A will lead at half time with a score of 2:1, but ends up losing the game to Team B with a final score of 2:3.

Here you are just looking to predict the overall outcome, as you would with any 3-way bet in the sportsbook of your favourite bookie. In the above example the selection for half time/full time would be 1:2, meaning that the home team leads at half time and the guest team wins in the end.

All Possible Half Time/Full Time Selections in Football Betting

As a rule, as they are based on the outcomes of a 3-way bet, Half Time bets tend to consist of a simple 1/X/2 selection.

All 9 possible Half Time/Full Time bets explained:

1/1 – The home team leads at half time and wins the match.

1/2 – The home team leads at half time, but loses the match.

1/X – The home team leads at half time, but the match ends in a draw.

X/1 – The match is drawn going into half time, the home team wins.

X/2 – The match is drawn at half time, the away team wins.

X/X – The match is drawn at half time and ends in a draw.

2/1 – The away team leads at half time, the home team wins the match.

2/2 – The away team leads at half time and wins the match.

2/X – The away team leads at half time, the match ends in a draw.

Odds for Half Time/Full Time Bets can vary a lot

As a rule, within the nine possible selections of the Half Time/Full Time bet, the odds offered can differ a lot. Naturally it is clearly more likely that the favourite that leads in the match at half time will win in the end. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes the favourites really struggle at the beginning of a match and don’t manage to take the lead in the first half.

Let’s think of a common situation: A team to be favoured meets a weaker opponent in the national championship, but had an exhausting match in the European Cup a few days ago. It is then likely that some of the top performers will get a break and weaker substitutes will be called upon. In these situations, it can often happen that the newly assembled team does not get off to a good start.

It can also happen that the stronger club simply cannot score a goal in the first 45 minutes because the weaker team defends well and in a disciplined manner. After all, in modern football it can often take quite some time to break down a solid defense.

With these examples odds of 4-5 or even higher payout multipliers are already enticing. A wager on the underdog significantly increases the odds if you also predict the half-time result correctly.

Sports Betting Strategy

Combining two predictions in one bet carries higher risks:

As a rule, bets with higher risks attract higher odds. Naturally this has to be considered here. More risk-averse players should therefore not combine Half Time/Full Time bets with other bets due to the low probability of winning.

Where are Half Time/Full Time bets offered?

The Half Time/Full Time bet can be found at almost every major betting site. Normally this type of sports bet can be found in football. For other sports the Half Time/Full Time bet is not so popular and is only offered for certain events by the bookmakers.

Final thoughts on Half Time/Full Time sports betting

The higher odds offered by this type of bet are a clear incentive to make it worth considering. If you think you have a good feel for how a particular game will play out, you could do well with a Half Time/Full Time bet.


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