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bet football


TUR CUPSivasspor VS Fenerbahce120 : 0
SAUHajer VS Al Ahli SC21 : 2
ISR CUPBeitar Jerusalem VS Maccabi Tel AvivAway Over 0.53 : 1
BULLudogorets VS Beroe12 : 1
ITAAtalanta VS Spezia13 : 2
ITASalernitana VS FiorentinaOver 1.53 : 3
SPAAtl. Madrid VS Cadiz CFOver 1.55 : 1
FRABrest VS NantesOver 1.52 : 0
EPLManchester City VS West Ham13 : 0

bet football

Of all the football fetting systems out there, the Over 0.5 Goals strategy is perhaps the most suitable for conservative punters. All of them work with the same premise of repeated, standard wagers. However, famous examples such as the Labouchere all have the same weakness of relying on not getting a losing streak. The 0.5 Goals strategy we’ll discuss today attempts to circumvent that issue.

The Over 2.5 Goals betting system is based on repeatedly placing safe Over/Under wagers. This particular market was chosen because it is widely available and almost always comes with short odds.

What Is the Over 0.5 Goals Bet?

Over 0.5 Goals, otherwise known as Goals Scored (Over 0.5), is the safest form of the common Goals Scored market. This market predicts the number of total goals scored during a particular match. ‘Total goals’ means that it doesn’t matter which side scored them. As long as enough were scored to get over the threshold, the bet wins.

Over 0.5 Goals bets win if there is at least one goal recorded after 90 minutes. If you’re wondering why the bet says 0.5 and not 1 – it’s to avoid confusion. This sort of naming makes it clear that the bet is successful even with only one goal on the tally.

As you may have surmised now, meeting the requirements to win Over 0.5 Goals bets is quite easy. Modern football is relatively aggressively-oriented, and not many matches end in a 0:0 score. For example, the average number of Premier League matches that end in 0:0 has been hovering around 8% for more than 10 seasons now. Statistically speaking, the Over 0.5 Goals football betting market has a 92% success rate.

Consequently, Over 0.5 Goals betting odds are often quite small. However, this fits perfectly into the concept of betting systems – numerous small bets that hopefully earn more than they lose.

How the Over 0.5 Goals Strategy Works

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get down to using the market for a comprehensible strategy. The first step is to take your stake and divide it into equal units. Because of the way this strategy works, you should pick out a relatively large part of the stake. The idea is to re-invest every win into the next bet. With some luck, your earnings will grow exponentially.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to using the Over 2.5 Goals betting system.

  1. Look for an Over 0.5 Goals at odds of around 1.10. Considering the nature of this market, there probably won’t be too many options. However, be persistent, and remember to check smaller leagues. You want as many such bets as possible – hopefully, as quickly as possible. Increasing the turnover rate will let you win much quicker.
  2. If you win the bet, use everything you’ve won and bet it on a similar 1.10 Over 0.5 Goals bet.
  3. Rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied with your winnings.
  4. If you lose a bet at any time, start back from the initial stake unit.
  5. We also recommend setting a goal for yourself before beginning. You’ll lose sooner or later. However, if you decide to stop at the right time and collect winnings, you’ll guarantee profit. Simply start over from the unit you used as your initial stake. Thanks to the exponential growth of the Over 0.5 Goals system, you should be able to earn a tidy sum. Don’t expect spectacular amounts, of course.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The point of this football betting strategy is that you’ll win more than 90% of your bets. Considering the null-score statistics we mentioned earlier, this should last long enough for you to end up in the green.  Of course, the problem is quite obvious as well. Losing a single bet breaks the whole stream and loses the profits of multiple wins.

As such, the same risk common to all soccer betting systems is still here. However, Over 0.5 Goals Scored strategies actively work to minimize said risks. That’s the whole point of re-investing all the winnings into the next bet. Even if you bust and lose it all, you’ll simply lose a single unit that you initially staked.

Over 0.5 Goals Betting Tips

Before we finish, here is some handy advice for using Over 0.5 Goals bets to profit.

  • Be patient. This type of system pays small winnings over a relatively long period. However, you have a good shot at winning more than you lose before the end. That’s more than what most sports bettors can say.
  • Always keep value in mind. Selections that have strong betting value are always a better pick than ones with a high bookmaker margin.
  • Try to be quick. By that, we mean that you should look for matches that will be resolved soon. The faster you get the turnover moving, the better.
  • With that in mind, don’t ignore smaller leagues and competitions. Besides being a good source of value, being diligent can stop your bankroll from sitting dead in the water. Remember – there are only so many rounds in a league.