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professional fixed match

professional fixed match

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Penarol – Montevideo City  Pick: 1 (Home)  Odd: 1.60 FT: 2:0

The Ins and Outs of Professional Fixed Match

Introduction to Professional Fixed Match

Welcome to the intriguing world of professional fixed matches, where the boundaries between insider knowledge and betting success blur. If you’re a passionate bettor seeking an edge or a curious newcomer looking to explore the possibilities, you may have encountered discussions about professional fixed matches. In this article, we will delve into the concept of professional fixed matches, explore the controversies surrounding them, discuss how to identify legitimate services, weigh the benefits and risks, and provide valuable tips for responsible betting. Get ready to uncover the secrets and strategies behind professional fixed matches!

What is a Professional Fixed Match?

Understanding the Concept of Fixed Matches

Before we dive into the realm of professional fixed matches, let’s first understand the broader concept of fixed matches themselves. Fixed matches refer to sporting events where the outcome has been prearranged or manipulated, usually for personal gain. These matches are often associated with illegal activities such as match-fixing or spot-fixing, where players, officials, or third parties conspire to influence the outcome. It’s important to note that engaging in or promoting match-fixing is against the law and goes against the principles of fair play in sports.

Professional Fixed Matches Explained

Professional fixed matches, on the other hand, are betting opportunities where individuals or services claim to have access to insider information on fixed matches. These services provide predictions or recommendations to bettors based on their alleged insider knowledge. The aim is to help bettors make more informed decisions and potentially increase their chances of winning. However, it’s crucial to approach these services with caution, as their legitimacy and accuracy can vary significantly.

The Controversy Surrounding Professional Fixed Matches

Legal Implications

The world of professional fixed matches is mired in controversy, primarily due to the legal implications associated with fixed matches themselves. Match-fixing is a criminal offense in many jurisdictions, punishable by fines and imprisonment. Engaging in or promoting activities related to fixed matches can have severe consequences under the law. It’s important to understand and comply with the gambling regulations in your country to avoid any legal troubles.

Ethical Considerations

Beyond the legal concerns, there are ethical considerations surrounding professional fixed matches. Match-fixing undermines the integrity of sports, eroding the trust and excitement that fans and bettors place in sporting events. It creates an uneven playing field, where the outcomes are predetermined rather than determined by the athletes’ skills and efforts. Relying on leaked insider information can lead to unfair advantages and compromise the fairness of competition.

How to Identify Legitimate Professional Fixed Match Services

Research and Analysis

When considering professional fixed match services, thorough research and analysis are paramount. Take the time to investigate the background and reputation of the service or individual offering fixed match tips. Look for services that have a strong track record of accurate predictions and positive reviews from reputable sources. Dig deeper into their methodologies, the sources of their information, and their transparency in sharing past results.

Reputation and Track Record

Establishing the reputation and track record of a professional fixed match service is crucial. Seek out long-standing and well-established services with a history of delivering reliable insights. Reputable services prioritize transparency and often provide detailed explanations of their predictions, including the reasoning behind their choices. Look for services that are endorsed by trusted industry experts or have a loyal customer base.

The Benefits of Using Professional Fixed Match Services

Increased Betting Success

The primary allure of professional fixed match services is the potential for increased betting success. By leveraging the supposed insider knowledge, bettors hope to gain an edge over bookmakers and fellow bettors. When accurate, these tips can lead to significant profits and a sense of accomplishment. However, it’s essential to approach such claims with skepticism and evaluate the reliability of the services.

Access to Insider Knowledge

Professional fixed match services promise access to insider knowledge that is not readily available to the general public. This knowledge supposedly comes from insiders, such as players, coaches, or other individuals connected to the sporting event. By capitalizing on this exclusive information, bettors believe they can make more informed decisions and capitalize on advantageous betting opportunities.

Risks and Potential Pitfalls of Professional Fixed Matches

Scams and Fraudulent Services

One of the major risks associated with professional fixed match services is the prevalence of scams and fraudulent providers. The promise of guaranteed wins can attract unscrupulous individuals looking to exploit unsuspecting bettors. Be cautious of services that make unrealistic promises or require substantial upfront payments without providing verifiable proof of their success. Thoroughly vet the service and read reviews from independent sources before engaging with them.

Gambling Addiction and Financial Loss

Another potential pitfall of relying on professional fixed match services is the increased risk of developing gambling-related problems. The excitement and potential rewards of betting on fixed matches can be addictive, leading to financial strain, emotional distress, and strained relationships. It’s crucial to maintain a balanced and responsible approach to sports betting, set limits on your gambling activities, and seek help if you feel your betting habits are becoming problematic.

Best Fixed Matches

Tips for Responsible Betting with Professional Fixed Match Services

Setting Realistic Expectations

To avoid disappointment and financial loss, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations when using professional fixed match services. While the allure of big wins may be enticing, remember that sports betting always carries an element of uncertainty. Treat professional fixed match tips as an additional tool in your betting strategy rather than a guaranteed pathway to riches. Responsible betting involves understanding and accepting the risks involved.

Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management is vital for responsible betting with professional fixed match services. Set a specific budget for your betting activities and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses or increasing your bets based on emotions or temporary winning streaks. Develop a strategy that aligns with your financial capabilities and risk tolerance. This approach ensures that your betting activities remain sustainable and enjoyable in the long run.

Where to Find Reliable Professional Fixed Match Services

Established and Trustworthy Services

When searching for reliable professional fixed match services, focus on those that have a proven track record and established reputation. Look for services that have been operating in the industry for a considerable period and have garnered positive reviews from bettors. Established services are more likely to have developed robust networks and reliable sources of information.

Recommendations from Trusted Sources

Seek recommendations from trusted sources within the sports betting community. Engage with online forums, betting communities, or social media groups where bettors share their experiences and discuss professional fixed match services. Gather insights from experienced bettors who have a thorough understanding of the industry and can provide valuable recommendations based on their own successes.

How to Evaluate Professional Fixed Match Services

Analyzing Performance and Accuracy

When evaluating professional fixed match services, focus on their past performance and accuracy rates. Examine their track record of predictions and compare it to the actual outcomes of the matches. Services that can consistently deliver accurate predictions over an extended period demonstrate their expertise and reliability. However, remember that no service can be right 100% of the time, and occasional losses are to be expected in sports betting.

Transparency and Communication

Transparency is a crucial factor when evaluating professional fixed match services. Legitimate services are transparent about their methodologies, sources of information, and past results. They provide clear explanations of their predictions and communicate openly with their customers. Avoid services that are vague or evasive when questioned about their processes or fail to provide adequate information to support their claims.

Legal Implications of Using Professional Fixed Match Services

Gambling Regulations

When using professional fixed match services, it’s essential to be aware of the gambling regulations in your jurisdiction. Gambling laws can vary significantly from one country to another, and some jurisdictions may have strict regulations or even prohibit sports betting altogether. Familiarize yourself with the legal landscape to ensure compliance and avoid any potential legal consequences.

Jurisdiction and Enforcement

The internet has made professional fixed match services accessible globally, creating challenges in terms of jurisdiction and enforcement. While a service may operate from one country, its offerings may be available to individuals in different jurisdictions. Understand the legal implications of engaging with these services, both in your own country and the country where the service is based. Be mindful of potential legal risks and consider seeking legal advice if necessary.

The Future of Professional Fixed Matches

Technological Advancements

With the rapid advancement of technology, the landscape of professional fixed matches is likely to evolve. Predictive algorithms, machine learning, and big data analysis may play increasingly significant roles in providing more accurate predictions and insights. However, it’s important to remain cautious and critically evaluate the reliability of these technological advancements. Relying solely on technology without human expertise can lead to false assumptions and inaccurate predictions.

Regulatory Changes

As the legal and ethical concerns surrounding professional fixed matches persist, regulatory bodies may implement stricter measures to combat match-fixing and the promotion of insider information. Increased regulations could affect the availability and accessibility of professional fixed match services in the future. Bettors should stay informed about any regulatory changes and adjust their approach accordingly.


In the world of sports betting, professional fixed matches have garnered attention and intrigue. While these services offer the allure of insider knowledge and the potential for financial gains, they come with significant risks and ethical concerns. It’s crucial for bettors to approach professional fixed match services with caution, conduct thorough research, and exercise responsible betting practices. By setting realistic expectations, managing their bankroll, and evaluating the reliability of services, bettors can make informed decisions and enjoy a more sustainable and enjoyable betting experience.


Q1: Are professional fixed match services legal? Professional fixed match services operate in a legal gray area. While providing predictions based on insider information is not illegal in itself, engaging in or promoting match-fixing is a criminal offense. It’s important to understand and comply with the gambling regulations in your country to avoid any legal troubles.

Q2: Can professional fixed match services guarantee winnings? No, professional fixed match services cannot guarantee winnings. Sports betting always carries an element of uncertainty, and outcomes can be influenced by various factors. Professional fixed match tips should be treated as an additional tool in your betting strategy, and no service can accurately predict every outcome.

Q3: How can I avoid scams and fraudulent professional fixed match services? To avoid scams and fraudulent services, conduct thorough research and analysis. Look for well-established services with a positive track record and transparent communication. Read reviews from independent sources and seek recommendations from trusted bettors or industry experts.

Q4: Can using professional fixed match services lead to gambling addiction? Using professional fixed match services can potentially increase the risk of developing gambling-related problems, including addiction. The excitement and potential rewards of betting on fixed matches can be addictive. It’s crucial to maintain a responsible approach to sports betting, set limits on your gambling activities, and seek help if you feel your betting habits are becoming problematic.

Q5: What is the future of professional fixed matches? The future of professional fixed matches is likely to be influenced by technological advancements and regulatory changes. Predictive algorithms, machine learning, and big data analysis may improve the accuracy of predictions. However, it’s crucial to remain critical and evaluate the reliability of these technological advancements. Regulatory bodies may implement stricter measures to combat match-fixing and insider information promotion.





UGNKampala City VS Onduparaka FC12 : 2
SYRIAJableh VS Al MajdOver 1.52 : 1
GER DFBFreiburg VS RB LeipzigX21 : 5
GER RGNHankofen-Hailing VS VilzingHome Ov.0.52 : 1
GER RGNCottbus VS BFC DynamoOver 2.51 : 1
SPAAlmeria VS ElcheAway Ov. 0.52 : 1
FRAToulouse VS Lens120 : 1
SPAReal Sociedad VS Real MadridX22 : 0
SPABarcelona VS Osasuna11 : 0
EPLArsenal VS ChelseaOver 1.53 : 1


May football betting systems make use of wager combinations first found in horse racing. These are complex, multi-bet systems whose goal is to combine the safety of singles with the sheer profit potential of accumulators. THey’re also a great way to squeeze as much value as possible from a valuable selection.

Patent bets are one of the simplest combination bets, using 3 selections to make 7 total bets. However, they can be pushed further with what are called Permed Patent Bets. If you’re confused with all the terminology, not to worry. This Patent Bet strategy guide will explain what these terms mean and how you can use them in online sportsbooks.

What is a Patent Bet?

Horse racing spawned a number of bet combinations that all follow a simple principle. The idea is to make several selections and then combine them in every way you possibly can. Such wager combinations include single bets, doubles, triples, and even accumulators if you have enough selections. These types of wagers are sometimes called full-coverage combination bets. Depending on the number of initial selections, they can be called a Trixie, Yankee, Patent, Canadian, Heinz, Goliath, and more.

The Patent bet is a full-coverage combination bet that features three selections. You take these selections and place them as single bets, all possible permutations of double bets, and a single treble wager.

Let’s explain how a Patent bet works through an example. Say you’re making three simple 1×2 bets on three independent matches. We’ll call them bets A, B, and C. A Patent bet takes all of these and places them as:

  • 3 Singles: A, B, and C
  • 3 Doubles: A+B, A+C, B+C
  • 1 Treble: A+B+C

This adds up to a total of 7 bets. The interesting part about Patent bets is that all the wagers that they contain can win or lose independently. Compare that to the more popular accumulators. In an Acca bet, if one selection loses, the whole bet loses. Patent bets allow for degrees of success. One winning selection will give you at least some money back. Two selections translate into 3 winning bets, which should at least cover your stake and turn a small profit. If all 3 selections win, it means you’ve struck gold.

It’s also worth noting that the Trixie football bet is very similar to the Patent. A Trixie bet is essentially a Patent bet that doesn’t make use of Single bets. Trixie wagers only contain 3 doubles and a treble.

How to Place a Patent Bet in Football?

Full-coverage combination bets were initially devised for horse racing. However, you can still use them as a soccer betting strategy. The process would have been annoying in brick-and-mortar betting shops. Thankfully, online sportsbooks make placing Patent bets on football matches quick and easy.

To place a Patent bet on football matches, go to your online bookmaker of choice and find three single bets you want to make. We recommend keeping it simple – stick to Full Time Result bets or something easy like Both Teams to Score. If you need some suggestions, check out our football betting tips.

Add all three selections to your betting slip as usual. At the bottom of the slip, you should see some options for how you want to place your wager. These should include options such as a Treble, three Singles, and so on. Check the box next to ‘Patent Bet’, select your stake, and place the bet as usual.

However, note that this will require 7 times the selected stake. This option to place a Patent bet in one go is there to make your life easier. For all intents and purposes, these are still 7 completely separate wagers. Keep this in mind when it comes to minimum wagers. For example, if your bookie’s minimum stake is £1, you’ll need at least £7 to place a Patent bet.

If you can’t find the option for a Patent bet on your slip, it means your bookie hasn’t implemented the feature. You can still place the Patent bet manually, though. Just make all the required wagers and use the same stake for each of them. It can be an annoying amount of work, which is why most top online bookmakers should be able to do this automatically.

What is a Permed Patent Bet?

A Permed Patent Bet complicates things further by combining four Patent bets. It takes four selections and turns them into four different Patent bets. Things get a bit complicated here, which is why the best way to have Permed Patent bets explained is through a table.

Let’s look at how a Permed Patent bet works for selections A, B, C, and D.

Patent 1: A, B, CA, B, CAB, AC, BCABC
Patent 2: A, B, DA, B, DAB, AD, BDABD
Patent 3: A, C, DA, C, DAC, AD, CDACD
Patent 4: B, C, DB, C, DBC, BD, CDBCD

To place a Permed Patent Bet, just make four Patent Bets as described above. Make sure to use the same stake for every wager.

Both Patent and Permed Patent bets are a great way to chase the big wins of Accumulators without risking so much. The fact that not all selections have to win drastically reduces the volatility and riskiness of Patent wagers.


pro soccer fixed matches

pro soccer fixed matches

pro soccer fixed matches


20:30PORGil Vicente VS BenficaOver 1.5?
15:30PORBraga VS Portimonense1?
17:30ENG NATTorquay VS WrexhamAWEH?
17:30ENG NATNotts Co VS York City1?
17:30ECHWest Brom VS Norwich1X?
15:00ECHSheffield Utd VS Preston1X?
15:00ECHBristol City VS BurnleyX2?
17:00BELBATE VS Smorgon1?
20:00SPABarcelona VS Betis1?
17:30SPAReal Madrid VS Almeria1?
14:30GERRB Leipzig VS HoffenheimHome Ov. 1.5?
16:00FRALille VS AC Ajaccio1?
12:30EPLCrystal Palace VS West HamBTTS?
15:26EPLBrentford VS NottinghamAway Ov. 0.5?
15:00EPLBrighton VS WolvesOver 2.5?

pro soccer fixed matches

Outright bets are still one of the most popular markets on online sportsbooks – relative to their availability, of course. We’ve already written a basic guide to outright bets in football. Make sure to read it if you need an introduction because this post is dedicated to strategies for outright betting. Specifically, we’ll try to answer these questions:

  • Is it possible to find betting value in outright bets?
  • How do we win outright bets consistently?

So strap in as we look into season-wide betting predictions from the standpoint of sports betting strategy.

Outright Betting Value

If you’re serious about soccer betting, the question of value should always be in the back of your mind. In fact, it should be your primary concern when deciding which bets to place. With that in mind, we’ll assume you already have a decent grasp on what betting value is and how to find it.

On to the topic at hand. Surprisingly enough, outright soccer bets can be an incredible source of value. In short, it’s because of their extreme volatility. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to settle a market that covers an entire season. A lot may change in that timeframe and outright betting odds often fluctuate wildly.

So why does volatility matter? Calculating betting value comes down to beating the bookies at their own game. You have to be able to see the probability of a certain outcome better than the one setting the prices. However, predicting an entire season is incomparably more complex than a single match. There are just so many variables to consider.

Moreover, sports are, by their very nature, not entirely predictable. That’s why we see upsets and surprises all the time. Of course, even the bookies themselves expect the unexpected in a way and always leave room for deviation from the probabilities they calculate. However, if unexpected things can happen during a single football match, just think of their effect on a whole season. These small surprises pop up, compound, and may snowball into something no one initially saw coming. Just look at Leicester’s famous 2015-16 Premier League season as a perfect example.

This means that a bookie is more likely to miscalculate the odds for a long-haul bet. This is exactly where value can be found.

The Downsides

Needless to say, unpredictability in outright football betting is a double-edged sword. If top online bookmakers have issues correctly pricing outrights, don’t think it will be any easier for you.

Volatility means that the price/odds of your bet can change immensely and rapidly. This means that your attempt to outwit the bookies can end up blowing up in your face. You could end up with a negative value. In other words, you can easily make the mistake of overestimating the probability of something happening.

It’s important to remember that the price of an outright wager can go down as well as up. Keep this in mind as we discuss exchanges further down.

Outright Betting on Exchanges

Now that we have a broad understanding of how value in outright bets works, let’s get down to a way to use it.

Since we’re talking about advanced sports betting strategies, we would be remiss to not start with Exchanges. They’re the go-to sites for people who want to earn money betting online, after all.

If you’re trying to extract value from outrights, an exchange has two distinct advantages:

  • You’re more likely to find value betting against other players rather than bookmakers.
  • You can lay and back bets at one price, then sell them off with another one. Guaranteed profits if you got the initial prediction right!

This second bet is the key to introducing some safety to a market as volatile as this. The idea is quite simple.

You first back a certain outright bet – let’s say for a Top 3 Finish. The season kicks off and the team has a better start than expected. The odds are shorter than they once were. And the better the team performs, the shorter they become. At this point, you can lay the exact same bet, wagering against them ending up in the Top 3. You then win no matter how the season ends. Neat, huh?

If you want to achieve a similar thing with a fixed-odds bookmaker, it’s still possible. Simply wait for the odds to shorten and then cash out, earning a profit in the process. Not all bookies allow for cashing out outright bets, though, so be careful.

Other Outright Betting Tips

Before we end this outright betting strategy guide, here are some miscellaneous tips to round things off.

  • When using an exchange to get profits from outright betting, one advantage is that you have plenty of time. For some types of bets, odds drift quickly and you need to react instantly to get the most out of them. Outright odds drift on a week-to-week basis, giving you plenty of time to consider your options.
  • Bet hedging is your best friend. Figure out other ways in which betting against yourself can be beneficial. Wagering on two or three teams per table can often account for many unexpected outcomes.
  • Keep a close eye on odds drifting. Not just for the teams you backed, either. Keep tabs on how all teams across multiple markets are performing to gain insight into how the season is going.
  • Keep in mind that these strategies can be considered arbitrage. Especially if you combine hedging and cashing out at fixed odds sportsbooks. Some bookies don’t look too favourably on arbitrage and may suspend your account.


ht ft pro fixed matches

ht ft pro fixed matches

ht ft pro fixed matches


18:00TURAlanyaspor VS UmraniyesporOver 1.5?
19:30SAUAl-Nassr VS Al-Raed1?
20:15PORRio Ave VS Arouca12?
18:00GER RGNIllertissen VS Pipinsried1?
19:15ENG WAston Villa W VS Manchester Utd WOver 1.5?
17:00CZEHlucin VS Znojmo1?
19:45BELGGent VS WesterloBTTS?
18:30AUSWiener Sport-Club VS KremserOver 1.5?
20:00SPAOsasuna VS Real SociedadAway Ov. 0.5?
20:00FRAStrasbourg VS LyonOver 1.5?
19:30GERBochum VS Dortmund2?

ht ft pro fixed matches

The famed BTTS football betting market is an essential part of every punter’s arsenal. Some of the best betting tips you can find are made for this market specifically, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a relatively predictable and safe sort of wager to make, relying on the bettor’s knowledge of the teams. It’s also immensely popular and available for almost every soccer event, league, and match.

Both Teams to Score bet variations were introduced to offer more interesting options. If you’re looking for longer odds on BTTS bets, these variants are certainly something to consider. They’re not common, though, and are a relatively niche sportsbook offer. Let’s take a look at how to use Both Teams to Score variations, and how they work in the first place.

Both Teams to Score in Betting – Why Try Variations?

First of all, you need to make sure that you fully understand how Both Teams to Score bets work. We already have an article on the topic, so check it out if you haven’t yet. It goes into the basics of what Both Teams to Score means in betting and some basic strategy tips.

Both Teams to Score variations do not exist in a vacuum, though, and are not completely unique concepts. By and large, BTTS variants are combinations of the BTTS market and some other type of bet. This tells us two things.

  1. These variants are relatively complex when compared to basic markets such as regular BTTS. The odds are also much longer, implying more risk.
  2. You need to understand both elements of a complex BTTS variant. In fact, you likely need a firm grasp on how football betting markets work before moving forward. You can find a lot of such information on our strategies page.

With that out of the way, let’s see what Both Teams to Score has in store for us.

Double Chance and Both Teams to Score

Double Chance and Both Teams to Score, meaning a combination of BTTS and the Double Chance bet. It’s an unusual one, but fairly easy to understand.

Double Chance bets simply predict that one of two possible 1X2 outcomes will happen. For example, you could predict a Home Win and a Tie at the same time, and only lose the bet if Away wins.

We already know about Both Teams to Score and how it works. All you need to do is mesh these two together.

The Double Chance and Both Teams to Score bet means that you’re predicting the outcome of the match and that both teams will score at some point before the final whistle. Moreover, Double Chance lets you pick two possible outcomes at the cost of severely reduced odds.

This leaves us with a simple question – what’s the point? And wouldn’t a double bet on both these markets do the same thing?

The answer to both these questions is quite similar. The point is two combine two relatively safe, high-probability bets in the hopes of getting a payout. Both BTTS and Double Chance are known for their short odds but relatively decent chances of success. By wrapping the up into one wager, the hope is that you’ll be able to win it just as easily as you would these wagers separately. However, Double Chance and Both Teams to Score odds stack multiplicatively. This means you’ll get decent returns despite a relatively simple betting prediction.

Match Odds and Both Teams to Score

This is a far more common variation of Both Teams to Score. In fact, it’s fairly similar to the previous one we explained. It combines classic 1X2 predictions with BTTS.

In other words, you’re predicting the result of the game and that both teams will score at least once during the course of the match. If you manage to get both of these rights, you’ll win.

Compared to Double Chance, the usual 1X2 football betting market is considerably riskier. Without accounting for betting odds, it has roughly half the chance of winning. It’s somewhat riskier, but the reason for using the Match Odds and Both Teams to Score bet is almost the same. The idea is to increase the profits on a set of relatively simple wagers.

Instead of the safety of Double Chance, though, it relies on the familiarity of 1X2. Most bettors are used to Full Time Result or 1X2 bets by now. As such, they’ll be more comfortable with extending the odds. That’s the idea anyway.

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

This version of the Both Teams to Score bet is quite interesting. As the name implies, you’re essentially predicting that both teams will score at least once in each half. This means that the final score will be at least 2:2, which is something to keep in mind.

Though the returns are often long, BTTS in Both Halves is deceptively difficult to get right. Relying on both teams to perform a certain way in both halves is one thing. Expecting them to score in both, however, is a very risky proposition. We don’t recommend this bet to beginners.

On a side note, there are also First Half Both Teams to Score, as well as Second Half BTTS. AS you might expect, the idea here is that your BTTS prediction only applies to one half of the game. First Half BTTS is overall a better choice in our opinion. It’s generally a lot easier to predict how the first half will go compared to the second one.


pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches

pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches

pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches


19:30SPAVillarreal VS Espanyol14:2
20:30SWILuzern VS Winterthur13:1
16:00TUNAS Mohamdia VS AS MarsaOver 2.50:3
19:00FINTooloon VS EPS21:7
18:30FINI-HK VS PPJ20:13
18:45CLWBarcelona W VS Chelsesa W11:1

pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches

Interest in outright betting tips and predictions seems to spike with every new season. If you already know how outright bets in football work, you may also need some advice on how to properly use them. After all, understanding a betting market is one thing, and profiting from it is another.

That’s what we’re here to do, with a fresh collection of outright bet strategy tips and advice. As a side note, we already have a guide on outright betting strategies. Check that out after reading this article – it contains more info on finding value in this market. This page is dedicated to other bits of useful advice we didn’t cover previously.

Tips for Outright Betting in Football

Before we dive in, make sure you understand the core meaning, strengths, and weaknesses of outright betting. After all, this is not a type of bet that can be used all the time. Your opportunities may vary based on the current season.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to our To Win Outright tips.

1.     Consider All Outright Betting Markets

Seeing how you don’t get many opportunities to get right, you might as well properly consider the ones you can make. None of them are easy to get right, true, but you can find surprising betting value if you go off the beaten path.

For instance, a rare market called Next Manager to be Sacked has been showing up on online bookies lately. It’s an interesting proposition if you’re the kind of footy super-fan that keeps up with all the news. After all, teams constantly change managers on the back of strings of poor results. Experienced football bettors can typically notice when something is not working out. Especially if the manager isn’t performing up to par.

2.     Look for Value in Underdogs

Backing favourites is usually a good idea in football betting. However, there’s no denying the allure of going for an underdog every now and then. And outright betting predictions might be perfect for that purpose. You can get incredible value if you make an outright bet on an outsider early enough.

Doing so is quite tricky, of course, but there are warning signs that point to an upset in the leaderboards.  Keep an eye on transfer windows, pre-season results and friendlies, and noteworthy changes in a team’s lineup or managerial team.

Remember to keep your expectations grounded, though. We’re not likely to see another Leicester in 2015/16 again, after all. Top 6, Top 4, and Top 3 Outright bet markets are more useful for these purposes. Conversely, a surprising relegation can be profitable for a smart punter.

3.     Pick Your Timing Carefully

While it’s a great way to get the most value, you don’t have to bet early with this market. Betting too early makes the risk of a certain outright betting prediction huge. Of course, being too indecisive will gut your earnings as well.

Keep up with a team and look at not only their performance but their matchups as well. For instance, if a side happens to have a rough early season, they may have simply been matched with the toughest opponents. You can expect their table position to improve as the season progresses. The odds won’t necessarily drift to take future matchups into account, either.

By keeping up with the chances of a team winning or losing future matches, you can capitalise on all of this information. Early Payout options can be useful for this purpose, so try to find sportsbooks that offer this feature.

4.     Play at the Right Online Sportsbook

Look, we know you’re probably tired of hearing how important choosing the best bookie is. However, let us make our case on why top bookies are even more important for outright bets.

Odds for the same bet in the same market can be different when you compare bookies to one another. We know this – it’s what allows us to find value, and it’s how people do arbitrage betting.  However, nowhere is this more apparent than with outright bets. The differences we’ve seen between bookies are sometimes staggeringly huge. Outright betting odds on one site can be double or triple what they are on another.

Moreover, outright bets are often just an afterthought for some bookmakers. This can result in huge betting margins. There’s a reason for that as well – it’s because most bookies can get away with it. Many bettors just bet on the team they support, or simply have issues figuring out the true probability of a team winning.






16:30SVK CUPO. Ljubljana VS AluminijOver 2.5?
19:00ICEStjarnan W VS Thor/KA W1?
16:00HUNMTK Budapest II VS Cegledi1?
16:00GREVolos VS Panathinaikos2?
20:00ECHSheffield Utd VS West Brom12?
16:05CROD. Zagreb VS Varazdin1?
21:00SPARayo Vallecano VS BarcelonaX2?
21:00SPACelta Vigo VS ElcheUnder 3.5?
19:30EPLNottingham VS BrightonX2?
19:45EPLWest Ham VS LiverpoolX2?
19:45EPLChelsea VS Brentford1X?
20:00EPLManchester City VS ArsenalAway To Score?


A lot of the heavy lifting of online betting can be streamlined and improved with sports betting analysis software – you just need to know where to look. It’s the 21st century, after all, and there’s an app for everything out there. Footy wagers are no different.

So what apps, sites, and software can help you with your online betting strategy? How does it all work, and is it even useful in the first place? That’s what we’re here to find out.

What is Sports Betting Software?

Before we begin, we’ll have to clear up a few things to avoid misunderstanding.

When some say sports betting software, they may be referring to several things. The first and obvious answer are things like mobile bookmaker apps. In other words, software that lets you bet on sports. While such apps are incredibly useful to us punters, that’s not what we’ll be covering in this article.

Also, sports bet software could refer to software companies that provide bookmaker sites with the software they need. Again, this isn’t strictly what we’ll be talking about.

We’re instead talking about “third-party” apps that are useful for betting. Software that can help you analyze bets and sporting events, easily compare odds across multiple sites, or otherwise get better results. It’s a nebulous term, sure, but this just means our list of top betting apps features something useful to everyone.

If you’re looking for bet analysis apps, algorithms, and other useful tools, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what we managed to dig up.

A short disclaimer before we begin – football prediction software is not a 100% foolproof way of predicting outcomes. As you probably know, football predictions are not an exact science. No prediction tool can overcome that fact. However, using some of these tools can increase your chances of winning. Assuming, of course, that you know how to use the presented information.

Top Football Prediction Software

Now that we’ve introduced the idea, let’s get down to the list itself.


StatisticSports is a paid online football prediction service. You might be rolling your eyes now – not another online tipster “guru”. However, tips are not what this app is all about. Sure, there is a certain element of providing football betting tips. More importantly, though, StatisticSports collects and aggregates data that can be useful for sports betting. It does not, however, simply offer you the answers on what, when, and how to bet on.

StatisticSports provides you with the data. What you do with that data, however, is entirely up to you. You can use it to spot opportunities for arbitrage betting. You can use it to predict odds drifting and make use of it on betting exchanges. Or you can simply use it to highlight betting offers with decent betting value.

This prediction software’s 5-year historical database is used to make pre-match statistics. It also collects all sorts of useful data such as previous performances, head-to-head statistics, top bookie odds, and so on.  Basically, StatiscticSports takes all the info you might need as a punter and wraps it up in a nice, digestible format.

The downside is that this product’s target audience are tipsters, not necessarily people looking for football betting tips. In other words, the idea is to make your own, informed predictions. They are never served on a silver platter. It can take some time and effort to figure out how it all works. StatisticSports has many features and functions, and navigating them all is not easy. The official site does a good job at guiding you through it all, but it’s still worth mentioning.


If you’re looking for something more beginner-friendly and with a better free option, is a great option. This little site is as straightforward as they come. You are given a list of betting offers on bookmakers that have positive betting value. Theoretically, betting only on bets with positive value will bring profits in the long run.

This football prediction site also tells you where to bet on certain selections. After all, betting value depends on the odds, and not all sites offer the same odds for the same outcome.

The problem arises through the simple fact that this site’s goal is to “beat the bookies.” Basically, finding value demands that the site’s algorithm predicts the probabilities in a certain match better than the bookies themselves. That’s not always something you can count on, as you might imagine. After all, bookmakers have decades of experience. And you can bet that they have software and algorithms of their own.

On the bright side, Surebet always specifies on which sites the value can be found. One way of confirming its findings is comparing the odds to what all the other top bookies are doing. If the difference in odds is considerable, you may have stumbled into a great opportunity.

In our experience, Surebet is best used to help you highlight potentially profitable matches and opportunities. Beyond that, however, you’ll need to use your own judgment.

As a reminder, betting exchanges like Betfair are a great way to get the bookmaker margin as low as possible!


Many football prediction software tools rose and fell over the years. Few are quite as big and as renowned as OddsJam. We’ll start by pointing out the biggest drawback to this service – the price. At just under $100 per month, it’s hard to imagine anyone but the most hardened of punters using this software. It’s a premium service with a premium price tag.

To be fair, though, you get a lot for your money. The most famous feature is its arbitrage betting software. As the name implies, it finds and suggests betting arbitrage opportunities across hundreds of online bookmakers. Since this is pretty much the only guaranteed way to beat the bookies, we see how it might be useful.

That’s just scratching the surface of this offer, though. You also get a healthy supply of positive expected value football bets. The software even highlights which bets have the lowest bookmaker margins. That way, even if you’re not strictly advantage betting, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Other features of OddsJam software include betting calculators for arbitrage, expected value, and even free bet offers. You can use this last tool to make sure you can actually profit with bookmaker bonuses despite wagering requirements.

This is a big, robust, and extremely useful set of software tools for sports betting. The implication is that the winnings you can get through using them will be more than enough to cover the huge subscription fee. If that sounds plausible and you’re ready to seriously invest in your betting strategies, OddsJam is for you.


On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, we have a completely free site. Football fans and punters alike are probably familiar with this one. Either way, it’s worth pointing out just how useful Transfermarkt can be for betting.

Ever wondered how betting prediction software works? It simply aggregates data and uses it to assume the likelihood of certain outcomes. It then compares that likelihood to betting odds offered and uses it to find value. That’s more or less how betting odds are set by bookies in the first place.

All of this data is available for free at Transfermarkt. Performance records, player transfers, head-to-head statistics – you name it. The problem? It’s up to you to make predictions from the data. And extrapolating actual predictions from this data is not easy at all. You need knowledge, experience, and a deep understanding of how betting value works.

In short, Transfermakt wasn’t necessarily designed with betting in mind. It’s the world’s premier resource for sports fans – we’re merely using it to bet. After all, figuring out the probability of a bet is nothing if you don’t compare it to the odds on offer at various betting sites. That will require either legwork or a different service, but it’s very much possible.

Does Football Prediction Software Work?

Sometimes it does, depending on the software. That’s the short answer. The long answer is much more complicated.

Good betting prediction software works because it’s founded on solid logic. Using quantifiable data to predict the probability of certain outcomes is the cornerstone of setting odds and making predictions. However, the problem is that this kind of system attempts to beat the bookies at their own game. Bookmakers use the same systems and algorithms – and they’re probably better at it than some random piece of free online software.

Our suggestion is to keep an eye on what the sports betting software is doing. If it aggregates data, presents it to you, and draws conclusions based on this transparent info? Great! It’s not a guaranteed way to make millions, but it can improve your performance as a bettor.

On the flip side, be wary of software that promises too much too easily. If a tipster or prediction app tells you it guarantees winning, it’s probably lying.

That pretty much covers everything you need to know about soccer analysis apps and software! If you need a way to use what you learned, try a low-margin online bookmaker like William Hill.






19:00SAUAl-Nassr VS Al Wehda1?
16:00LITFK Panevezys VS BangaOver 1.5?
17:00IRAFoolad VS Naft M.I.SHome Ov. o.5?
19:00HUNMTK Budapest VS Soroksar1?
20:00COLDep. Cali W VS Bucaramanga W1?
17:00BOSBorac Banja Luka VS Igman K.Under 3.5?
19:00BELGDender U21 VS St. Truiden U21Over 2.5?
18:30BELGKortrijk U21 VS Deinze U211?
17:00BELGOostende U21 VS Virton U211?
19:10ARGUAI Urquiza W VS Huracan W1?


Our soccer betting strategy section focuses on tips, advice, and strategies that can help you get the most out of sports betting. Today, however, we’ll focus on the flip side of the coin. If you’re diving headfirst into the world of sports wagering, you’re likely to run into some hiccups.

Common mistakes while betting include rushing into things and not understanding the true goals and tools of a punter. There are others, of course, but they can all be avoided with a little foresight and planning. Let’s take a look at some rookie betting mistakes and myths and how to avoid falling for them.

Mistakes to Avoid While Betting

1. Not Betting on Value

2. Not Managing Your Money

3. Relying on Anything Except Stats and Facts

4. Not Changing Strategies when Necessary

5. Being ‘Loyal’ to a Sportsbook

1.  Not Betting on Value

We’ve said it a thousand times and we’ll say it again – understanding betting value is the only real way to get ahead while gambling.

This concept is sort of complicated, but we’ll try to boil it down to a sentence or two. Essentially, betting value is found in bets for which the bookmaker has a “negative” margin. What does this mean?

Betting odds are supposedly always proportional to the probability of the outcome they’re backing. However, it’s intentionally not perfect: bookmakers pay you slightly less than what the probabilities say should be the case. That’s how they make money.

However, if you do some digging, you’ll find that probabilities in sports are not an exact science. Bookmakers disagree on them constantly, and some even get it “wrong” on occasion. In other words, betting value is found when the odds are paying you more than the statistics say they should be.

Finding such bets is the only thing you should be focusing on. Not the likelihood of winning, not how much you can win, and definitely not systems or “gut feelings.” In the world of sports betting, value is king.

2.  Not Managing Your Money

Despite all of the online betting tips telling newbies to mind their spending, they rarely do. We’ve seen punters with years of experience still neglect to hold on to some basic principles.

To be frank, there’s more to soccer betting money management than just not going over your limits. Careful spending and a tight grip on your bankroll are just the first steps.

Once you get up to a certain level as a bettor, you’ll notice that the size of your stake is just as important as what you put it on. In fact, advanced betting spreads and strategies such as advantage betting require you to calculate exactly how much you have to spend on which bet in order for the whole thing to work.

What we’re trying to say is simple. It’s great that you’re setting limits, splitting your cash into units, and sticking with “safe” bets. However, there is even more to learn. Professional bettors have entire spreadsheets of stakes, bets, odds, and values. If you’re serious about betting, you’ll have them too. You want to be sure exactly how much you’re betting, on what, and why the amount is assigned to the wager.

3.  Relying on Anything Except Stats and Facts

This one is a “five-in-one” mistake, so to speak. Basically, we’ll list multiple football betting mistakes in one go. However, we believe the underlying causes are all the same – believing in things other than evidence. For example, such mistakes include:

  • Betting on teams you like
  • Betting on a “gut feeling”
  • Betting on a match because it’s big, important, or interesting
  • Chasing trends (or blindly going against them)
  • Relying on unreliable tips and predictions

This list can go on, but you probably get the point. A good bet is based on two things: empirical evidence and betting value. You want to make wagers because they make sense in your long-term strategy and because they’re good for your bottom line.

We’re not against betting just for the fun of it – in fact, fun should probably remain your main motivation. However, don’t be surprised that you’re losing money if all your bets just “happen” to be backing your favorite team.

Also, the last point deserves some explanation. Online betting tips and predictions can be great tools for figuring out your next move or weighing your options. However, good betting tips won’t hide how they got their information. Some, on the other hand, will boil down to “trust me!”. Don’t fall for the latter kind.

4.  Not Changing Strategies when Necessary

This point often applies to all points in life, but it’s also a common sport betting mistake. Some people just seem to never learn and keep beating their heads against the wall over and over again.

When you’re just starting out, you can pretty much expect to be losing money. That’s fine – there’s a learning curve to everything in life, and punting is no different. However, the point is to learn from the process and not just stubbornly stick to what you know.

We get it – there’s comfort in sticking to familiar strategies. But if something is demonstrably not working, it might be time to change something. Consider even taking a break from betting for a while. It will give you space to clear your head and think of something different instead of just sinking money.

5.  Being ‘Loyal’ to a Sportsbook

If you’re trying to find value in betting, you won’t be able to do it consistently on just one betting site. That’s just a fact – shopping around will give you much better odds. Always check multiple bookies before putting down any money. Who knows – a better offer might be just a click away.

We all know how important it is to find a good bookmaker. It can make all the difference in the world if you’re not using the “right” bookie.

However, we have to make one point clear. There is simply no point in sticking to one familiar bookie, no matter how good it is. You’re not special to them – you’re just a customer, like thousands of others. There’s no reason to ignore better offers for the sake of loyalty. Besides, shopping around for the best odds is often the best way to find betting value.