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pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches

pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches

pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches


19:30SPAVillarreal VS Espanyol14:2
20:30SWILuzern VS Winterthur13:1
16:00TUNAS Mohamdia VS AS MarsaOver 2.50:3
19:00FINTooloon VS EPS21:7
18:30FINI-HK VS PPJ20:13
18:45CLWBarcelona W VS Chelsesa W11:1

pro soccer pick 100 fixed matches

Interest in outright betting tips and predictions seems to spike with every new season. If you already know how outright bets in football work, you may also need some advice on how to properly use them. After all, understanding a betting market is one thing, and profiting from it is another.

That’s what we’re here to do, with a fresh collection of outright bet strategy tips and advice. As a side note, we already have a guide on outright betting strategies. Check that out after reading this article – it contains more info on finding value in this market. This page is dedicated to other bits of useful advice we didn’t cover previously.

Tips for Outright Betting in Football

Before we dive in, make sure you understand the core meaning, strengths, and weaknesses of outright betting. After all, this is not a type of bet that can be used all the time. Your opportunities may vary based on the current season.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to our To Win Outright tips.

1.     Consider All Outright Betting Markets

Seeing how you don’t get many opportunities to get right, you might as well properly consider the ones you can make. None of them are easy to get right, true, but you can find surprising betting value if you go off the beaten path.

For instance, a rare market called Next Manager to be Sacked has been showing up on online bookies lately. It’s an interesting proposition if you’re the kind of footy super-fan that keeps up with all the news. After all, teams constantly change managers on the back of strings of poor results. Experienced football bettors can typically notice when something is not working out. Especially if the manager isn’t performing up to par.

2.     Look for Value in Underdogs

Backing favourites is usually a good idea in football betting. However, there’s no denying the allure of going for an underdog every now and then. And outright betting predictions might be perfect for that purpose. You can get incredible value if you make an outright bet on an outsider early enough.

Doing so is quite tricky, of course, but there are warning signs that point to an upset in the leaderboards.  Keep an eye on transfer windows, pre-season results and friendlies, and noteworthy changes in a team’s lineup or managerial team.

Remember to keep your expectations grounded, though. We’re not likely to see another Leicester in 2015/16 again, after all. Top 6, Top 4, and Top 3 Outright bet markets are more useful for these purposes. Conversely, a surprising relegation can be profitable for a smart punter.

3.     Pick Your Timing Carefully

While it’s a great way to get the most value, you don’t have to bet early with this market. Betting too early makes the risk of a certain outright betting prediction huge. Of course, being too indecisive will gut your earnings as well.

Keep up with a team and look at not only their performance but their matchups as well. For instance, if a side happens to have a rough early season, they may have simply been matched with the toughest opponents. You can expect their table position to improve as the season progresses. The odds won’t necessarily drift to take future matchups into account, either.

By keeping up with the chances of a team winning or losing future matches, you can capitalise on all of this information. Early Payout options can be useful for this purpose, so try to find sportsbooks that offer this feature.

4.     Play at the Right Online Sportsbook

Look, we know you’re probably tired of hearing how important choosing the best bookie is. However, let us make our case on why top bookies are even more important for outright bets.

Odds for the same bet in the same market can be different when you compare bookies to one another. We know this – it’s what allows us to find value, and it’s how people do arbitrage betting.  However, nowhere is this more apparent than with outright bets. The differences we’ve seen between bookies are sometimes staggeringly huge. Outright betting odds on one site can be double or triple what they are on another.

Moreover, outright bets are often just an afterthought for some bookmakers. This can result in huge betting margins. There’s a reason for that as well – it’s because most bookies can get away with it. Many bettors just bet on the team they support, or simply have issues figuring out the true probability of a team winning.




pro fixed matches


17:30INT W.Luxembourg W VS Faroe Islands WOver 2.52:1
12:30SCOCeltic VS Rangers1X3:2
20:30PORBraga VS Estoril14:1
19:00NEDPSV VS Excelsior14:0
15:00EPLFulham VS West HamX20:1
15:00EPLLeicester VS BournemouthOver 1.50:1
17:30SPAReal Sociedad VS GetafeUnder 3.52:0
20:00SPAReal Madrid VS VillarrealOver 1.52:3
14:30GERFreiburg VS Bayern MunichOver 2.50:1
15:00EPLAston Villa VS NottinghamOver 1.52:0
12:30EPLManchester Utd VS Everton12:0
15:00EPLBrentford VS NewcastleX21:2
17:30EPLSouthampton VS Manchester City21:4

pro fixed matches

Soccer is a popular sport globally and is also one of the most bet-on sports.

As it continues growing in popularity in North America, people are beginning to wonder what the betting lines mean. This comprehensive guide will help you understand them better.

Betting Lines 

Before understanding soccer betting lines on soccer betting sites,  you need to make sure you understand the sport itself.

It’s a game played over 90 minutes, with two halves of 45 minutes each. It is low scoring and does not always involve a winner. A draw is an acceptable result, except in the case of knockout games.

Most soccer games would also have stoppage time added at the end if there have been injuries or other incidents that stopped play. Some knockout games even go into a penalty shootout if there’s no winner in regulation time.


Moneylines is the simplest way to bet on soccer.

All you need to do is pick a winner based on the odds set for each team. However, since a draw is also an accepted result in a soccer game, you should bet on the three-way moneyline.

Three-Way Moneyline

The three-way moneyline allows you to bet on each of the final results – a win for either side or a draw.

Most matches will also have a three-way half time line. If neither team has scored after 45 minutes, the odds will lean toward a draw.

Two-Way Moneylines

As the name suggests, two-way moneylines remove a draw as a result and only allow you to bet on the winner of the game. A win pays out those who wagered on it, while a draw cancels out the bet completely. If you don’t find two-way soccer moneylines on the site you’re planning to bet on, you might find it listed as ‘draw no bet.’ This is quite a popular choice in tournaments or knockout games because these matches cannot end in a draw. However, there will be different rules for different sites, where a draw may be referred to as push or no action.

Soccer Double Chance Lines

A double chance is a bet that will help you protect a three-way moneyline, similar to the draw no bet.

However, in this scenario, instead of eliminating the draw, you can double your chances to place your wager on these three outcomes at the same time. What this essentially means is you will win whether the team wins or draws without doubling your risk.

Soccer Spreads

Spread is a common betting line in soccer and can also be referred to as a handicap or the points spread. These spreads are often set between 0.5 and 2 goals, but this can vary based on the competition and history between the two teams. Similar to any sport, the negative number of goals will be for the favored team, while the underdog will have a plus sign next to them.

Goal Line Over / Under Goals

These goal lines are similar to bets placed in basketball or football, where you simply guess whether the number of goals will be over or under the set projection by the odd maker.

We’ve recently discussed the Over 0.5 goals strategy so you might as well check it out.

Soccer Futures

These bets are ideal for people who are passionate about the sport because they have a lot to do with performance, injuries, trends and actions.

They could be placed in various scenarios. For example, determining which team moves forward in the World Cup. Similarly, the bets can also include which players won’t make the squad, who will win the Golden Boot, the Golden Glove, and also the winner of the trophy.

They can be as simple as how many goals are scored in a game or penalties awarded.

Soccer Props

A soccer prop is a bet placed on a specific statistic during a game. This could include predicting which player will score a goal, which one will provide an assist, who will get a yellow card, which goalkeeper will save a penalty. There could also be controversial bets like will a fight break out during a game or will someone get a red card for rash play.

Soccer Derivative Odds

A derivative odd is basically a timeframe where you determine whether a goal will be scored within the first ten minutes, the first half of the game, or the second half. These are side bets that can be placed in conjunction with other bets.


While these bets are easy to use, once you’ve determined how to place a bet, it’s important to have some knowledge of the game. You need to know which is the underdog, and which are the top players, so you can improve your chances of placing the right bet.






15:00ENG NATDorking VS WokingOver 1.51:2
15:00ENG NATNotts Co VS Wealdstone13:0
15:00ECHSheffield Utd VS Wigan11:0
20:10INT W.France W VS Colombia WOver 2.55:2
14:30WALGuilsfield VS Chirk AAA FC1DNB2:0
12:00WALYnyshir Albions VS Barry20:2
14:30WALBala VS NewtownOver 1.51:2
14:00TANSingida Big Star VS Polisi Tanzania13:0
19:00TANAzam VS Mtibwa Sugar12:1
16:00POR CUPSporting CP B VS Oliveira HospitalOver 1.51:2
18:00PORBenfica VS FC Porto1X1:2
20:00SPASevilla VS Celta Vigo1X2:2
19:00NEDGroningen VS Utrecht121:2
18:00ITALecce VS NapoliOver 1.51:2


Whether you’re a punter or not, trying to predict soccer matches is probably something every fan of footy has done at some point or another. We all want to know the results of football games before they happen.

Some of us want to use such predictions to win bets. Others simply enjoy the discussions and forecasts of how our favourite teams will perform.

Unless you have a crystal ball and supernatural powers, though, predicting the future is impossible. Or is it?

While we can never truly know what the future brings, bookmakers and analysts alike have used statistics and probability calculations to predict football games for decades. Knowing how to calculate the probability of an upcoming matchup is a skill that takes decades to develop, though. It’s a crucial for developing a sports betting strategy, but you can’t do it without lots of time and practice.

So what can you do to start predicting results of football right now? For starters, you can get to know some of the most important factors that affect the outcome of a football game. Here’s a quick rundown of each of them.

1. Current Form

It goes without saying that the form of a team and all of its players directly impacts how well they will play, and hence their chances of winning. Just ask yourself – how has the team’s play been in the current season? Are they performing above or below expectations? Are there any obvious problems they’re facing in the field, such as low possession or a leaky defence?

If you’re looking for more obvious indicators, you can simply check the season’s league standings. See who the team played against and what the results were. Also, check up on important stats like GF, GA, and GD.

2. Head to Head

Head-to-head records are not always reliable – most of the time, any available information will be quite outdated. Still, it’s a worthwhile indicator of things like playing styles and team strategies. If you notice a team performs unusually well (or exceptionally poorly) against another team, you may be onto something that can affect game outcomes.

3. Home/Away Advantage and Records

Playing at Home is a huge advantage in football. That’s just a fact – in most leagues, 50% of all games are won by the home team, with away victories rarely going above 30%.

Bear in mind, though, that there’s more nuance to this factor than it may seem. For instance, some teams are more affected by home advantage than others. This can easily be checked by looking over the current season’s standings. See how many home games they won compared to away games, and how that compares to the league’s average. Who knows – you may just find a great opportunity for betting value.

4. Weather and Turf Conditions

Though some may consider this to be a minor factor at least, it doesn’t hurt to check weather forecasts. Poor weather and muddy terrain often prohibit players from putting on their best performance. This affects both teams, of course, but often not to the same degree.

Furthermore, rainy or snowy weather generally means that the game will see fewer goals. This can be very helpful information if you’re planning to use markets such as Over/Under 2.5 Goals or Both Teams to Score.  For instance, a high-scoring team may not be able to achieve their goal average if they’re stuck in the mud.

5. Scheduling

Teams can be significantly impacted by schedules and fixture lists.

For instance, a hectic schedule might tax players’ stamina beyond their limits. They could become worn out and possibly sustain injuries. For this reason, teams that have a lot of games to play in a short amount of time frequently see their performance decline. This is particularly true for teams that, whether through choice or a lack of finances, don’t switch out their players too frequently.

It’s not just the pace you should check, too. Tougher opponents are more demanding both physically and mentally and may lead to worse performance in future outings. If you’re really focused on a particular bout, the schedules for individual players need to be considered as well. Especially if they’re, for example, also expected to play for their national team.

6. Injuries & Suspensions

Keep up with football news and be on the lookout for injuries and suspensions. Any team that can’t bring their full starting 11 to the table is at an obvious disadvantage. Even missing substitute players can hamper a squad’s ability to keep up the pace – not being able to replace worn-out players can be a serious issue.

Moreover, keep track of which players are unable to play and why. For instance, a club whose main goal-getter is injured will have a significantly weaker offence. Additionally, not all players are as important to their teams’ formations and strategies, so a deep understanding of their lineup can help a lot.

7. Motivation

Similarly, not all games played during a season are as important to a team’s success. This becomes an increasingly important factor as the season moves closer to its conclusion.

For example, if a match doesn’t really affect a team’s standings and they don’t consider their opponent a major threat, they may perform at a lower level than usual. Conversely, a match whose results determine qualifications, relegations, promotions, or final standings is seen as a priority by both the players and the management. Players are more likely to give it their all and even exceed expectations.

Other Factors

Finally, we’ll mention a few other things you should keep in mind if you’re especially detail-oriented.

  • Discipline – A rowdy squad of individualistic players may in some ways be a crowd-pleaser, but a lack of discipline and cooperation can severely hamper a football team’s performance.
  • Psychology – Though this point is similar to motivation, there’s more to it. For instance, some players are spurred by a challenge and perform better against tough opponents. Others, however, often give in to the feeling of hopelessness.
  • Playing style – Keep a team’s general style of play in mind, especially for markets that are affected by scores or goal differences. For instance, defensive formations and strategies are conducive to markets like Under 2.5 Goals scored.