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New Fixed Matches 100%

New Fixed Matches 100%

New Fixed Matches 100%

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Al Wasat – Al Sinaah  Pick: 1 (Home)  Odd: 1.90 FT: 1:1

New Fixed Matches 100%

Strategies to win betting are as old as betting itself, which shouldn’t surprise you. When it comes down to it, we all want to win. Some, however, do it for the joy of winning – for others, it’s all about profit. If you’re the latter, or generally want to see your bet winnings increase, you may have heard of staking systems.

The Martingale system is the most famous of these, but its faults are too severe to ignore. So what is the Labouchere system, and can it work in football betting?

What is the Labouchere System in betting?

The Labouchere is a famous and time-tested negative progression staking system. Let’s dissect that for a bit.

First of all, staking systems are a distinct type of betting strategies. Think of it this way – instead of relying on other sports betting strategies like digging through stats and histories, you simply cleverly control how much you wager and when. If this seems strange, it’s because these betting strategies to win were created for other forms of gambling. In a lot of casino games like roulette, the stake is one of the few things the player can control.

Secondly, negative progression refers to how this stake is controlled. In the context of the best betting strategies and systems, it just means you increase the stake whenever you lose. For contrast, a positive progression system would increase the stake on a win.

How To Use the Labouchere System

Now that we have our terms in order, let’s look at the Labouchere betting strategy itself. The first thing you’ll need to do is make a sequence of numbers. Which numbers? Well, it depends on your bankroll and your target profit. For now, let’s stick to low numbers for an effective Labouchere system example. Let’s say our sequence is 1-2-3.

Essentially, your target profit is the sum of these 3, which is €6. What you want to do is wager the sum of the first and last numbers of the sequence. Place the $4 stake on an even-money bet. If you win, you can take these numbers out of the sequence, leaving you with just 2, which would be your next bet. Do this until you have no more numbers in the sequence, and your plan is complete!

Of course, things don’t always go that smoothly. If you lose, you’ll need to add the lost stake to the sequence. In this example, that would leave you with 1-2-3-4. Your next bet would use €5 as a stake (4+1). The idea here is to make up potential losses before moving on to profits.

All of this sounds simple, but it can quickly get complicated. Let’s say you won the next bet, leaving you with a sequence of 2-3. Since we’re using even-money sports bets, let’s say you lose again. The result is a sequence of 2-3-5. With enough repetition and enough losses, these can get very long.

How does Labouchere Work in Football Betting?

The problem here is that the system was developed for Roulette and not online sports betting. Specifically, it was designed with outside even-money bets in mind. In other words, the system works only with “coin-flip” wagers with a 50/50 probability.

So, to use Labouchere in football betting, we need to find even-money wagers. First of all, you’ll want a footy bet with two possible outcomes. This can be Double Chance, or Draw No Bet, even Both Teams to Score. As long as only 2 results are possible, you’re good to go.

Secondly, you’re looking for bets at odds of 1:1, or 2.00. It may take a while to find enough such wagers, so have patience. Even a small difference of just, say, 0.05 can completely throw off the math. Considering how many football betting offers are out there every day, though, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Football Labouchere – Pros and Cons

So why use the Labouchere system in the first place? Well, as long as you finish your wager sequence at some point, you would hit a 14.5% profit. This isn’t particularly high at first glance. However, betting strategies and statistics agree that low-yield, long-term planning is the best way to profit from betting.

However, the same can be said for any other betting system out there. So why Labouchere? Well, it strikes a nice balance between risky and rewarding. Some staking strategies, such as Martingale, can leave your bankroll torn to shreds with a single streak of bad luck. On the flip side, some of the best football betting strategies are too slow to actually be worth it.

Bear in mind, though, Labouchere is not foolproof. A few consecutive losses will not drain your bank account, but they can ruin your attempt at the strategy. Also, if you want to be safe, you’ll need a considerable bankroll. Otherwise, you run the risk of simply not being able to front the next required stake.


To sum up, Labouchere is one of the best betting strategies for profit. Obviously, it won’t help you win more wagers or something like that. However, the control over your stake can greatly help you produce more stable profits from online football betting.


Red Star Fixed Matches

Red Star Fixed Matches

Red Star Fixed Matches

If you want 100% sure fixed matches please contact our agents:
Contact E-mail:
WhatsApp Number: +31 6 49 05 93 52

Manchester City – Chelsea Pick: Home Win (1)  Odd: 1.40 FT: 1:0
Brighton – Southampton  Pick: Home Win (1)  Odd: 1.30 FT: 3:1
Auxerre – Paris SG  Pick Away Win (2)  Odd: 1.35 FT: 1:2
Napoli – Inter  Pick: Over 2.5 Goals  Odd: 1.80 FT: 3:1
Ajax – Utrecht  Pick: Home Win (1)  Odd: 1.30 FT: 3:1

Red Star Fixed Matches

When it comes down to it, sports betting is all about math. At least if you want to be successful. Many veteran punters tout the benefits of “knowing the game” – and there’s a lot to be said about experience. However, top bookmakers themselves don’t rely on some hidden trove of knowledge of how each player will perform against another to set their prices. They use statistics. And if you want to beat the bookies, you’ll have to think like the bookies. Thankfully, people have been mulling over this for decades, and the Kelly criterion is one of the results.

What Is the Kelly Criterion?

The Kelly criterion is a mathematical formula that determines the optimal size of a bet. It relies on the principles of probability theory to maximize the expected value. Essentially, the Kelly bet tells you how much of your bankroll you should put up as a stake to get the best results.

The full scope and math behind the criterion may be a bit too much if you just want to take a few punts. And that’s fine. This Kelly criterion football betting guide will focus on the practical application of Dr. Kelly’s theory. That said, we recommend that you have a firm grasp of the notion of betting value before we begin.

If you’re not convinced about the validity of this strategy, here’s an interesting bit of info. Although the Kelly strategy was initially developed for betting, the same ideas were used to explain diversification in financial investments. Nowadays, the Kelly bet is a big part of mainstream investment theory. If this strategy is good enough for Warren Buffet, it’s good for us too.

Another thing worth noting is that, much like betting value calculations, the formula requires a bit of guesswork. Specifically, you’ll need to know the approximate probability of a certain outcome in a football match. You can never be 100% sure about such things in sports, though. That’s why even the Kelly betting strategy is not foolproof.

The Kelly Bet Formula

Let’s start with the formula itself before we dive into using it. The original formula goes like this:

f = p – q/b


  • F is the percentage of your total bankroll you should wager.
  • P is the probability of winning.
  • Q is the probability of losing (in other words, 1 – P.)
  • B is the multiple of your stake you’re expected to win. The easiest way to explain is this – decimal odds minus 1.

Perhaps the best way to explain is through a Kelly criterion betting example. Let’s say you believe that the given bet has a 60% shot at winning, and you’re wagering at odds of 2.00.

f = 0.6 – 0.4/1 = 0.2

This formula implies you should use 20% of your total bankroll to maximize value.

Now you might be thinking – but if the bet itself has a positive value, shouldn’t I just wager as much as possible?

You need to understand that positive value bets can still lose. There is still a risk involved, and wagering everything you have still has a 40% chance of costing you the entire bankroll. If you stick to the formula, you can always be sure that the risk you’re taking is worth the potential reward. By that logic, riskier bets will use a smaller chunk of the bankroll, even if they have positive value.

Kelly Strategy Limitations and Advantages

The more perceptive of our readers probably noticed a few problems here. First of all, the Kelly criterion only works with positive value bets. If you try to use the formula for a negative value wager, you’ll come up with a zero. That’s the formula telling you not to take that bet.

Finding bets with value is the hardest part of a successful betting career, however. And this math formula can’t help you with that, sadly. However, the Kelly criterion strategy explains just what to do with such opportunities when you find them. Don’t gloss over just how important that knowledge can be. After all, if positive value bets in football are so rare, it makes sense to optimise how you use them.

Another issue is that you have to be sure that the probabilities you’re working with are accurate. Absolute certainty is not a thing in sports betting, of course. However, bookies have been making millions on the back of being right more often than they’re wrong. That’s what you should strive for as well.

If you understand how to use the Kelly criterion in football betting, it’s hands-down the best money management method. It’s a simple way to perfectly take advantage of good betting opportunities, which leads to earnings in the long run.

However, don’t expect it to be some sort of magic spell that makes you win football bets you otherwise wouldn’t. The Kelly bet strategy is all about maximizing the profits of opportunities you already have.